In October 2019, I participated in the project "Book of Movies" by artist Xu Bing.
-This series of open classes invites young Chinese filmmakers to use the public camera material library of "Dragonfly Eyes" as a model, and use these existing and self-collected video materials through a series of self-excavations.Create a variety of narratives, themes and plots to form a short emotional movie. info

The similarity between dreams and screens is that they are both channels into another world. A man dreams that he has become a computer, and every monitor has become his eyes, so the huge memory floods him. Gradually, he even sees himself in it... When he wakes up, he can't tell, it's himself that he has become A computer, or a computer becomes a human.Technology has never been a tool. It participates in and shapes our world. I was inspired by the traditional Chinese story "Zhuangzi Dream Butterfly”. Using the same material to create different stories is a fresh and interesting experience. By controlling the rhythm of the video with a mouse click, I hope to approach the relationship between humans and the ubiquitous technological world..Should we regard the inside of the screen as a mirrored world? Will reality be the superposition of Zhuangzi and the butterfly? What is virtual and reality in the digital age?
*The video material comes from Xu Bing's studio and the internet, please do not spread it outside of the link below