Invisible theater 2020

In the epidemic a silence grew; it grew, and hung stiff and unbearably heavy in the air. Nevertheless, there were still voices hiding in this misty silence, and I picked up and presented two of them in my sound installation Invisible Theater. Jade stones are treasured; tree branches are everywhere yet of little value. The jade sings a carol of stillness: an infant heart beats inside it; the branch whispers a lament of decay, as if bacteria have set a world ablaze. As discoveries are made in the fields of microbiome research, artificial intelligence, and animal and plant cognition, traditional ideas of individual autonomy and human exceptionalism appear wholly inadequate. Fluid entanglements between lively and intelligent entities at both the micro and macro scale reveal to us that there is no defined center, no single inner voice or single self at the helmThese sounds are sounds of life — they are everywhere should we choose to listen to them.


Technology - Spirituality *Draft.pdf